Coffee Beans RoastingCoffee Beans RoastedThe MicroRoastery is an independent artisan coffee roaster, we only use high grade 80+ arabica’s and roast in small 2KG batches to ensure quality and freshness.

The roastmaster Nich Chasteauneuf brings 14 years experience in the coffee trade and combined with a roaster which has advanced hybrid technology allowing qaulity and consistency through conduction, convention, radiant and thermosiphonic heat to bring out the best in the green bean.

Roasting in small quantities allows us to offer truly fresh roasted coffee to our customers, we also use a gentle roast technique which takes more time but allows flavours and aromas to remain intact.


We are also keeping our green bean sourcing to fine and seasonal so all coffee’s in stock are of new harvest and highest quality arrivals to the UK.

We are transparent in our coffee sourcing which allows us to gain the providence from the farm to our green bean merchant to us. Farmers are rewarded with good prices for quality coffee which makes the supply chain a truly sustainable model.