Behind the Beans: COE Finca El Pino from Mexixo

Since 1938, the Gándara family has been growing exquisite coffees deep in the Veracruz region of Mexicoat their farm, Finca El Pino. The slopes of this mountainous region allow for a humid tropical climate ideal for the slow maturation of coffee. The beautiful climbing elevations create a scenic place for the cultivation and harvest of coffee, where current owner José Luis Andrade Gándara enjoys the natural beauty of his farm.
Finca El Pino is situated in the municipality of Cosautlán De Carvajal, a lush, forested area, enriched with a biodiverse ecosystem to grow coffee. Aside from coffee, other tree species range from cork oak, oak, pine, (Inga vera), huizache (Acacia farnesiana), poplar, liquidambar, bamboo, ferns, and orchids. Additionally, the farm teems with fruit trees including orange, banana, lemon, walnut macadamia, mandarin, lime, and Creole mango helping to not only diversify income, but also providing additional nutrients to the soil. Thanks to the biodiverse array of trees, Fina El Pino is also home to a variety of animal species with rabbit, badger, porcupine, vipers, squirrels, opossum, armadillo, field mouse and a diverse arrayof insects and birds scuttering about the farm.
During the harvest, coffee cherries are carefully handpicked and sent to the wet mill owned by the Gándarafamily. The washing process is well-managed and run to efficiently wash and prepare the coffee for drying. The machinery used for pulping is regularly maintained and drying is a meticulous task requiring a closely monitored stabilization period. Once completely dried and hulled, the coffee is gently stored and rested prior to export.
2021 was a groundbreaking year, as Finca El Pino excelled in the Cup of Excellence at 14th place – a truly marvelous achievement for the Gándara family.
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