The Essential Must Haves for Great Coffee at Home

Once you have received your finest choice of MR Coffee’s intercontinental blended bean selection, we want to ensure that you use our treasure to the best of your abilities. In order to have the freshest and most flavoursome brew of coffee we can recommend to you some life-saving equipment.

Air, moisture, heat and light are all factors that will reduce your coffee's freshness. Unless you can work through a baulk of coffee in quick-fire time (i.e a week or less), It is well worth investing in a good coffee storage system beyond just the bag alone. Your coffee container needs to be airtight and opaque. Never store your container in the fridge or freezer and stick to cool, dry places - your kitchen countertop is perfect!

The taste outcome of your coffee at home heavily relies on bean weight accuracy - since beans vary in size it is not recommended to base the amount of coffee on a “bean count” or some kind of visual quantity such as a teaspoon. So for this reason, a good set of digital kitchen scales are on our list of essential pieces of coffee brewing equipment to have at home.

We highly recommend for you to keep your coffee beans whole right up until the moment you're ready to brew to ensure it doesn't go stale and tastes as fresh as possible. You want to buy a grinder that is ideally electric and has size variance. There are two types of different electric bean grinding methods; blade and burr. The blade grinder is not very consistent with grounding coffee beans and causes a large size variety of bean chunks and dust particulates - this will not make your coffee as smooth as if you use a conical burr grinder for a silky and consistent cup of coffee.

Now for the brewing; the different brewing methods are subjective to your personal taste, time and technique! One of the oldest, simplest, fastest and cheapest methods is the drip method using a coffee cone and filter paper. Alternatively you could use a chemex paper filter which is 20-30% heavier than normal filters. This creates a balanced, cleaner and more refined flavour profile than using normal filter paper. Also a popular method is using a french press/cafetiere. This method extracts, arguably, more superior flavours than any other. It is also very portable so is especially popular with campers. Another portable method is aero press which is essentially a plunger that is pressed down into a chamber creating air pressure to force brewed coffee through a filter into a cup.

Here at MR Coffee we make sure that our beans are of highest quality and palatable tastes for many extraction methods. You can see on each of our coffee blend descriptions how we recommend each blend to be enjoyed to the full potential.


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