Tanzania - Igale

Tanzania - Igale

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The Flavour Profile

A medium to full body coffee well balanced with berry and hazelnut notes, subtle acidity and the smoothness of melted chocolate. We think its great for all type of extractions and is a perfect ‘wake me up’ morning or early lunch time coffee.

The Little Details

This coffee comes from Small farmers in Mbozi District town Songwe region in Tanzania. It's grown 1900 metres above sea level and is processed by being fully washed and sun dried on african beds. It's drawn Kent, Compact varietal coffee beans. 

About The Process

The harvest generally begins with each producer handpicking ripe cherries and delivering to the Igale washing station. Here the cherries are sorted, washed, and then de-pulped. This includes feeding the cherries into a Makinnnon disc-pulper or Penagos eco-pulper to detach the exterior pulp from the coffee seed. What remains is a sticky mucilage that will break down thanks to the following fermentation step as the coffee rests in water to break down the sugary skin. Next, the coffee is pushed through washing/grading channels where floating coffee is removed to maintain quality. One final dunk in water occurs before being evenly dispersed on raised beds or drying tables to dry in the open sun. The coffee stays here for several weeks until the moisture content reaches 11.5%.

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