BRAZIL - Sitio Prata

BRAZIL -  Sitio Prata

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The Flavour Profile

This Brazilian coffee, is an excellent choice for any extraction method, especially espresso. It brings a bold, rich flavor with notes of plum, brown sugar, and dark chocolate to your cup. Enjoy this pick-me-up during any time of the day and experience a true taste of Brazil.

The Little Details

This coffee comes from Fazenda Sitio Prata in a town called Nova Resende, South of Minas region in Brazil. It's grown 1150 meters above sea level. It's 100% Yellow Catuai coffee beans. 

About the Process


The harvest at Sítio Prata is nowadays 100% mechanized. Even though the average altitude at Sitio Prata is 1150 meters above sea level, high for many specialty regions in Brazil, the farm is fairly flat compared to many others, meaning the harvesters can circulate between the carriers. Harvesting in Sitio Prata is completed in two passes. The first is used to collect the ready fruits at the apex of their maturity. After a few days, the

machine returns and harvests those that are still on the tree, making sure as much of the crop has ripened to reach the correct stage. This crop is 100% Yellow Catuaí and processed using the Natural method. Once harvested, the coffee cherry is laid out across the patio to dry with its fruit and mucilage intact. The cherry is turned regularly to ensure an even dry. Once the cherry is dried, the beans are milled removing the husk, ready for export.
As well as coffee trees, Sitio Prata is populated with a number of other trees used for their wood, as well as to help offset some of the carbon created during the coffee processing. 25% of Sitio Prata is also reserved as naturally protected forest and left untouched to allow for natural flora and fauna.

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