Costa Rica - Entre Rios

Costa Rica - Entre Rios

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The Flavour Profile

 This coffee has been carefully roasted to impart notes of caramel, chocolate-covered pecans, and a hint of cherry. It boasts a medium body and is delicious whether brewed, steeped, or steamed - ideal for any time of day!

The Little Details

This coffee comes from the Aquiares farm in Aquiares in the region of Turrialba in Costa Rica. It's grown 1100 to 1400 metres above sea level and is fully washed then dried for 32 hours at 45 to 55 degrees. It's drawn from Marsellesa & Obata varietals of coffee beans. 

About the Process

All Aquiares coffee is picked by hand to ensure consistent high quality. Microlots, such as this one, are picked by a special team of skilled harvesters who are paid well above the daily rate for their exceptional skill in picking the ripest cherries at each pass. Each tree is visited up to seven times during the harvest to ensure that only fully red ripe cherries are picked. The skilled hands of the pickers represent the farm’s most valuable asset. Washed lots are floated for density (with all floaters being removed) before being pulped using the mill’s Penagos DCV 306 pulper to remove the fruit. Next, the coffee is pulped again using a "Penagos Delva" to remove the mucilage. Before being sent to the Gaurdiolas to dry, Pre-drying is completed in a "Centriflux" machine to remove any excess water. The coffee is then dried for around 32 hours at a low, constant temperature of approximately 45˚C - 55 ˚C in mechanical driers (Gaurdiolas). 2-hour breaks are given to the coffee to ensure consistent drying. Finally, the coffee is rested for a month in large silos to allow humidity and aromas to settle. Finally, the beans return to the dry mill where the parchment is removed, and the beans are sorted by size, weight, density, and colour before they are bagged for export.

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