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Mexico Nueva Esperanza - ORGANIC

Mexico Nueva Esperanza - ORGANIC

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The Flavour Profile

This full body coffee is the perfect refreshment to kick-start your morning. It consists of a smooth creamy, baker chocolate and caramel flavour with light subtle notes of orange. This coffee is recommended for any type of extraction.

The Little Details

This coffee comes from Nueva Esperanza farm in a town called La Concordia in Chiapas region , Mexico. It's grown 1200 - 1500 meters above sea level.

As an organic producer, production at Finca Nueva Esperanza is free from added pesticides or fertilisers, with old cherry pulp used to rejuvenate the soil.

Processing in the region begins initially with coffee cherry being selectively handpicked, before being bagged and brought to the farms own wet mill. Finca Nueva Esperanza employees 60 members of staff to help pick in the harvest season, typically carrying out five passes to only pick the ripest of cherry. One final round is often carried out in the region, used to collect dried cherries and green cherries to create ‘Cerezo’ (sold to Coyotes for national consumption).


At the farm's wet mill, the coffee cherry is first sorted by hand and separated by quality, before being pulped of its cherry. Next, the beans are cleaned with cool clean water from the nearby river, before being placed into tanks to ferment. Here, the beans will remain for around 24 hours, depending on the climate. Once complete, the coffee is taken to the farm's patios and slowly dried, maintaining control to keep the flavour of the bean. Here, the beans will remain for several days, until moisture reaches below 12%. Finally, the dried coffee is milled at and bagged, ready for export.


It's drawn from Typica, Catuai and Bourbon.

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